Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Olympic Games are killing me.

I usually hit the hay early, oh, around 10 or so. I went through a Seinfeld phase a while ago, where I would stay up till 11pm watching reruns of Seinfeld (hey, I never watched them when they were first playing....oh, so long ago for the 1st time). But not since the arrival of our bundle of joy. Oh no. I go to bed early.

But now that the Olympics are on, I just can't seem to peel myself away from the TV. With the difference in time between West Coast US to Beijing, and all the cool events being on late, late at night, it's forcing me to stay up way past midnight. Unfortunately, my little man has no idea that the 2008 Games are going on. He wakes up spanking early, just like always.

I try to remember that I COULD just look up the results online, but somehow that just wouldn't be the same. I have to watch it all "Live" (or so they say!).

Anyway, I'm glad they're coming to an end soon. I need to get some shut-eye!

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