Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Cleaning

I decided to clean out my cupboards yesterday. Oh my...I can see this is going to be an exciting post! Hang on to your hoop skirts!

Basically everything in my cupboards was just thrown in there, Tupperware with glass, glass with aluminum...a big mish mash of everything. I fenced myself in the kitchen, so my dear Son couldn't get in and smash to bits my remaining pieces of Pyrex.

I first took everything out of the 4 cupboards and laid them on the kitchen tile. (WOW! Big Son's eyes practically bugged out of his head seeing it all out of order like that.) Taking everything out also allowed me to clear out the several 6 legged vermin that had decided to take up residence in my barely used dishware. (I can't believe I just admitted that! EKK!)

Then I divided the items by composition, deciding that I had more glassware than plastic, and that the glassware belonged in the largest cupboard. Easy enough. Fitting it all in was another dilemma. I had no idea I owned so many 1-quart bowls! And that's after my Son smashed several! At least I won't have to worry about serving dishes this upcoming Thanksgiving.

I stuffed (literally!) the barely used Tupperware in the far reaches of the other cupboard, with priority given to the small dishes W uses.


I was done!

Now only if I had remembered to reserve a spot for all the dirty glassware still soaking in the sink!

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